Still Breathing

It’s never been easy to admit that I’ve fallen so low and pushed my troubles so far away from myself that I don’t recognize myself anymore.

Maybe when I’m done with thinking
Maybe you can think me whole
Maybe when I’m done with endings this can begin

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.
Over these thoughts and this life.
When will it end:(

I’ve been playing through the night, 11hours straight, except ciggie breaks.
I’ve been a menace to the neighbours:)

The answers in front of me.

When I go. Don’t ever think of me I’ll be gone. When I’m down and out is where I’ll stay. I can’t hurt you anymore.
I’ve always had this feeling it’s been living inside me. Taking over me. Destroying me from the inside out. It destroyed me once. I couldn’t let it destroy me twice. The crystal substance. Smoke in my lungs. Rocks in my veins. Eased the emotions. Voices in my head. No sleep for days. Addicted.
To carry on alone with no substance inside. Would’ve bought the emotions to the outside. They didn’t show unless I was running low.
I had it planned in my head. What I needed to do. To get me through. They didn’t listen. Instead. Told me. From society’s point of view. Instead of mine. It was too late.
The addiction took over me. It was sad to see something like this happening to me. Nothing could’ve fixed this. I wasn’t lost. I just wasn’t here. Drifting in the clouds. My thoughts speaking out to me. Made it more clear to see. I treated everyone like shit. But they were all there for me. My biggest mistake. Leaving my fiancé. Still. She. Stood by me. Even though I broke her heart. She tried to keep me together. I pushed her away. I loved her too much. She didn’t need this much. It was hard enough. The place in the dark was speaking louder. I had no choice. It wasn’t my choice. The man in the mirror starring back at me. I didn’t recognise him. He wasn’t who he used to be. STILL. BREATHING. I fucked up along the way. Dreams. Gone. Future. Gone. Love. Gone. Let go of myself.
This is it. Life. No. More. BREATHING. No.



Starting to struggle more and more each day with life, money, debt, happiness and work. I don’t know how much more I can really take. I’ve been depressed and unhappy for a very long time.

Me always

Me always

I’m alive.

Dealing with cancer

So I had my third chemo and once again, everything went really smoothly:) chemotherapy hasn’t turned out bad for me at all (touch wood). I’ve had very little side affects, which include a little hair loss and thinning, loss of appetite, weight loss, sense of smell and taste have changed, and just being a real moody kid and fatigued.

I have to say at first I was all really cautious on my first chemo, didn’t really see anyone, didn’t really do anything… However in the last week and half I’ve had some really great times with all my friends, jamming on guitar and bass making some epic physcadellic rock.

On my last chemo I had a lady come do a survey/questionnaire on how I feel as for stress ad depression go. I told her I was feeling pretty sad and stressed and a little depressed. And that’s cause I miss m old lifestyle(which will return).

So she told me that there is no harm in having a beer or 2 aslong as I don’t get completely drunk. This was awesome news for me:) she asked why I was stressed other than financial problems and I told her having to have a cooked meal eveynight and and worrying about that. She told me that there would be no harm in going to a restraunt and having a meal aslong as I don’t eat salad or asian food.

This was amazing to know, it’s really changed my spirits and I feel about 95% :)

Let’s hope it stays this way on the many more chemo’s I have.


Round 2 of chemotherapy

Today(7-11-2011) I went to the haemotology clinic chemotherpay lounge for my second round of chemotherapy. I got to my appointment with my dad at about 8:45am this morning and got into to the chemotherapy lounge at about 8:50am.

My nurse Louise got everything ready for my few hours of chemotherapy. The hospital finally got new needles in, which agreed and worked first shot into my shitty veins; the new needles made it a more pleasent experience and start to the day.

After the catheta was inserted into my arm; Louise went and got all the drugs to start the chemotherapy. Louise started by intravenously injecting a anti-nausea drug to make the chemotherapy go more smoothly and make sure i handle the ABVD drugs.

The first drug once again was Doxorubicin, which is a red colour and is the one the drug that will be the main cause of my hair loss. I found there was a little discomfort of this drug coming through this time, but nothing i couldn’t handle.

The second drug was Bleomycin was clear, and surigined into the drip. explained that is the drug that could affect my lungs. I have quit smoking which is good, however I did have one ciggarette last friday, and it was the worst taste i have ever tasted; it’s definatly put me off smoking. Hopefully after 6months of non smoking I will not return to it.

the next drug was Vinblastine which was just dripping through and going into my veins.Dacarbazine was the last drug which was also dripping down the tubes this one took around hour. I didn’t get a wierd feeling this time; which was good. However I was extremely tired for this round of chemotherapy, but i didn’t want to sleep because I’d rather do that at home, and be alert of everything that is happening.

My mum came and suprised me again with a visit and bought me some lollies, it was great to see her. Dad, Mum and I had a good laugh within that hour.

I just really like to thank the haematology care centre and the Chemotherapy lounge nurses and Louise and Dr Gavin.

Round 3 is on the 21-11-2011. Update you all then.